Cecilia with [JP]:dsg. and Filthy Skin

NEW Pants: *JP dsg* Banksy Pants comes in different colors

NEW Shirt: *StyleX* MeshSweater Black BadGirl

NEW Skin: *Filthy Skin* Melody Tan 08

NEW Hair: *Raw House* Sonny Dark browns

NEW Glasses: *Redgrave* Eyewear – Zenith v1.0

Shoes: *Ohara* Sneakers Dark Leather

Bracelets: *Fusion* Belted Bracelet

Necklace: *WTG* Galaxy necklace

Tattoo: *Para Designs* Butterfly Swirls Tattoo

Cecilia with .:*LouLou & Co*:. & Magika Hair

NEW Shirt: *LouLou & Co* Top Deauville Teal (other colors are in the store!)

Pants: *Ronsem* Hot Pants / D blue

Leggings: *Razorblade Jacket* Cut Offs Wavey Teal

Shoes: *Coco* Engineer Boots Black

Bracelets: *LouLou & Co.* Bracelets Engima Black

Necklace: *Style X* Necklace ::loVe::

Earrings: *Fusion* Cord Pendant Set

Belt: *Delirium Style* part of the outfit Silver Kitten

NEW Hair: *Magika* [01] Break

NEW Skin: *Filthy Skins* Jasmine Cocoa 02

Cecilia & NEW T&A Designs Malisia

NEW Outfit: *T&A Designs* Malisia 2 & Malisia

Left side: Malisia 2 comes with belt and short grey/black boots with socks / one grey skully top and different shorts with stocking options

Right side: Malisia comes with belt and short boots with socks / one scully shirt and different shorts with stocking options

Necklace: *Sacred Roses* part of the outfit “Like A Virgen”

Bracelets: *Style X* Bracelets Black w/Skulls

NEW Skin: *Filthy Skins* Jolie Bronze 02

NEW Hair: *Exile* Camille Roots Persimmon mix Now at the *Dressing Room*

Cecilia and NEWS from T&A

Here we have another sexy outfit of one of my favourite designers! 🙂

NEW Outfit: *T&A Designs* Chiara outfit with boots

Bracelet: *LouLou&Co.* Bracelets ENIGMA Black

Necklace: *StyleX* Necklace Crosses

Tattoo: *ParaDesigns* Eternal Tattoo ~ Unisex (I wear black dark)

Skin: *MunSpain* Ashley Skin Fair new stomach

Hair: *Truth* Rayne streaked – chocolate