Cecilia and NEWS of T&A Designs

NEW Outfit: *T&A Designs* Hisolda outfit with color options (rust, blue,green) and boots

NEW Outfit: *T&A Designs* Kyna jeans outfit with shirt options and boots

Tattoo: *v3 Tattoo* Carnival of Chaos – Aged

Boths pics:

NEW Skin: *LAQ* Alva Nougat 04

NEW Hair: *ICONIC* IroquisTOO Brown Pack

Bracelet & Necklace: *Fusion* Cord Necklace & Bracelet Set

Earrings: *T&A Designs* part of the outfit

Cecilia & NEW T&A Designs Malisia

NEW Outfit: *T&A Designs* Malisia 2 & Malisia

Left side: Malisia 2 comes with belt and short grey/black boots with socks / one grey skully top and different shorts with stocking options

Right side: Malisia comes with belt and short boots with socks / one scully shirt and different shorts with stocking options

Necklace: *Sacred Roses* part of the outfit “Like A Virgen”

Bracelets: *Style X* Bracelets Black w/Skulls

NEW Skin: *Filthy Skins* Jolie Bronze 02

NEW Hair: *Exile* Camille Roots Persimmon mix Now at the *Dressing Room*

T&A Designs News and Angel Hair

Don’t miss these two nice outfits of T&A Designs! 🙂

NEW Outfit: *T&A Designs* Fachtna Unisex outfit belts & boots (comes with gloves, earrings, necklace, two different pants, a short black tank & a short white/black tank and a tank as a jacket layer)

NEW Outfit: *T&A Designs* Gael outfit belt, boots and accessories (earrings)

Both pictures:

NEW Hair: *Angel Hair* Sarah (first pic: crimson second pic: black)

NEW Skin: *[Acide!]* Melina Skin Dark Lila CL 09

Tattoo: *Para Designs* Electic Black dark


Cecilia & NEWS from T&A Designs

Hello there! I’m back from a small break. RL was keeping me very busy, so I hadn’t enough time showing you some SL-Fashion. But now, I will go on with it… 🙂

NEW Outfit: *T&A Designs* Eachna outfit (comes with boots & earrings) You can wear it in different styles: with a cloak, a short skirt and with or without a white corset top. Thats fun!

NEW Bracelets: *Acide* Ecrin de Perles v.2

Hair: *Truth* Cecilia – dark brown (treacle)

Skin: *YS&YS* Megan Skin (GroupGift)

Cecilia ft. T&A Designs and Angel Hair

NEW Outfit: *T&A Designs* Brenna outfit with belt and boots (right side!)

Shoes: *Redgrave* Girls ‘ Biker Boots black

Hair: *Angel Hair* Lauren I _ Red (Coral)

Necklace/Bracelet/Earrings:*Virus Collection* Onyx – Set

Skin: *Apple May Designs* Teegan – Tan – Steamy 2

Tattoo: *Para Designs* Undead Tattoo Dark

Cecilia and NEWS from T&A

Here we have another sexy outfit of one of my favourite designers! 🙂

NEW Outfit: *T&A Designs* Chiara outfit with boots

Bracelet: *LouLou&Co.* Bracelets ENIGMA Black

Necklace: *StyleX* Necklace Crosses

Tattoo: *ParaDesigns* Eternal Tattoo ~ Unisex (I wear black dark)

Skin: *MunSpain* Ashley Skin Fair new stomach

Hair: *Truth* Rayne streaked – chocolate