Cecilia and NEW Adiva & Filthy Skins

NEW Outfit: *Adiva*  Pretty In Pink Lace Satin Mix Dress (pic: Blue, Pink, SilverWhite, you can get the color Cherry also in the store) comes with two necklaces, fishnet torn stockings and gloves.

Shoes: *Miamai* DecO Rumba Fly

NEW Skin: *Filthy Skins* Alexandra Bronze 02 with Cleav. Bronze

Hair: *Truth*Anise –  chocolate

NEW Earrings: *Finesmith Jewelry Designs* Neta Earring Onyx

Nails: *Finesmith Jewelry Designs* Rave Pink

NEW Outfit: *Adiva* Gossip Girl Leather Dress Ruby comes with necklace, earrings and bracelets

Shoes: *Stiletto Moody BARE* Lana red

NEW Skin: *Filthy Skins* Alexandra Bronze 08 + Cleav. Bronze

Hair: *Truth* Diana -Streaked – chocolate

Nails: *Je suis* Naive Nails No. 001 Reds

Cecilia & NEW GothiCatz Carbon

NEW Outfit: *GothiCatz* Carbon contains a top (with two layer opt.) and a shirt with a bottom, collar and sleeves

Boots: *Redgrave* Girls’ Biker Boots Black

Skin: *Filthy Skins* Jolie Bronze 7

Hair: *Truth* Florence 2 – cocoa

Tattoo: *Para Designs* Undead Tattoo Dark

Cecilia & NEWS of Goth1c0

NEW Outfits: *Goth1c0* Leather pants and tees

Outfit on the left side: Like a prayer tee and Snake leather pants white

Outfit on the right side: Garage built tee and Snake leather pants black

NEW Boots: *Goth1c0* Ankle black boots plain

NEW Earrings: *Finesmith Jewelry Designs* Coral Hoops

Bracelet: *JD Designs* INKA red

Tattoo: *v3 Tattoo* Outlaw (woman)

Hair: *Truth* Tilly streked – chocolate

Skin: *Filthy Skins* Paige Bronze 07

Cecilia & ~Sassy!~ and Finesmith Jewelry Designs

NEW Shirt: *~Sassy!~* Scandal T-Shirt – leaves red

Skirt: *Koketka* Black denim skirt (older shop GARAGE, Hope the skirt is still for sell!)

Leggings: *Emery* Legging Roxe Lace

Shoes: *Angel Hair* A.C.T. Black Leather Boot

NEW Jewelry: *Finesmith Jewelry Designs* Hara (cuff, earrings, necklace)

Belt: *Apple May Designs* part of the outfit Breezey – Autumn

Nails: *Finesmith Jewelry Designs* Rave Reds

NEW Hair: *Exile* Coy Roots Drift mix now at the *Blue Dressing Room*

Skin: *Laqroki* Olivia [Nougat] 05

Cecilia & CENSORED / Angel Hair / Graffitiwear

NEW Outfit: *CENSORED* Gaby Swimsuit (yellow, green and pink and blue (in the store))

NEW Shoes: *Graffitiwear* Sea Sandals comes in Blue&Yellow, Brown&Olive, Pink&Green

NEW Necklace: *JD Design* Necklace ALL U NEED

NEW Hair: *Angel Hair* Samantha Brick comes with hat

Bag: *Les Petits Details* Flowers Bag

Tattoo: *Ohara* Butterfly Tattoo part of the pants One Leg Jeans – Creamy Lace

Skin: *LAQ* Olivia Nougat 04

Vero Modero Fly Set & Asian Dress

NEW Outfit: *Vero Modero* Fly Set (belt included)

Shoes: *Vero Modero* Ballerina Camel

Necklace: *Finesmith Designs* Giz bronze

Braclet: *Zibska* Sy Jewelry Set

NEW Outfit: *Vero Modero* Asian Dress pic: blue, beige and white (other colors are in the store: red and yellow)

NEW Necklace & Earrings: *Addiction Jewelry* Charming Life Lavender Set

Shoes: *Opium* Leather Heels Multicolor

Items at both pictures:

Hair: *Simply Britnee Hair* Campecina/Media Noche

Skin: *Filthy Skins* 2ndHub Group Gift (Bronze) Register yourself at: http://www.2ndhub.com to get the skin!!!

Cecilia & NEW T&A Designs Malisia

NEW Outfit: *T&A Designs* Malisia 2 & Malisia

Left side: Malisia 2 comes with belt and short grey/black boots with socks / one grey skully top and different shorts with stocking options

Right side: Malisia comes with belt and short boots with socks / one scully shirt and different shorts with stocking options

Necklace: *Sacred Roses* part of the outfit “Like A Virgen”

Bracelets: *Style X* Bracelets Black w/Skulls

NEW Skin: *Filthy Skins* Jolie Bronze 02

NEW Hair: *Exile* Camille Roots Persimmon mix Now at the *Dressing Room*

Cecilia ft. New Filthy Skin & Addiction Jewelry

Shirt: *Maitreya* Boyfriend Shirt – White

Pants: *Adiva* Gelato Short Jeans

Shoes: *ADDiCTIA* Tropica Flip Flops – Tiki Vanilla Mocha

NEW Necklace & Earrings: *Addiction Jewelry* Charming Life Blue Ice Set

NEW Skin: *Filthy Skin* Jolie Bronze 05 + Cleav.

Hair: *Truth* Alannah – chocolate

Cecilias Summer Outfit

NEW Pants: *OHARA* One Leg Jeans – Paint Shot

Shirt & Gloves: *Randomocity* Tank Top – Women’s Yellow & Boxing Tape – Yellow (Older Groupgifts!)

Shoes: *HOC Industries* Noir Pumps

Scarf: *Delirium Style* part of the outfit Messy Sil

NEW Earrings: *MAGIC NOOK* Vintage DJ Earrings at the *Dressing Room* for L$ 65

Bracelet: *Amour Fashion* Bracelet Yellow/Blue

Hair: *Fadeless* Liza Blacks (Gift at the *Hair Fair 2011*)

NEW Skin: *Laqroki* Olivia [Nougat] 01

Tattoo: *Para Designs* Sailor Girl Black Dark

Cecilia & OHARA News

NEW Pants: *OHARA* One Leg Jeans – Creamy Lace comes with belt and three different tattoos (Arabesque (worn), Butterfly and Unicorn) Go on and visit this very nice store! 🙂

NEW Shirt: *Hucci* Lace Back Tank – Russet

Shoes: *R.icielli* Oxford Gold

NEW Hair: *Angel Hair* Feray – Cocoa

NEW Skin: *Laqroki* Olivia [Nougat] 04

Bracelet: *Miel* CHUM Bracelet Groupgift

Earrings: *Glow Studio Designs* No round Earrings Gold

Scarf: *artMEfashion* Summer Lace Scarf Gold Pearls

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