Cecilia & ArisAris

NEW Outfit: *ArisAris* Rig42 Chloe

NEW Shoes: *Miel* Timber Boot Natural

Jewelry: *Miel* Lun Set

NEW Skin: *Filthy Skin* Melody Tan 05

Hair: *Exile* Paige Cranberry

NEW Outfit: *ArisAris* Lolliflower

Shoes: *Opium* Extreme Ankle Boots (Brown/Red/Sand)

Jewelry: *Finesmith* Mimmi

NEW Skin: *Filthy Skin* Easter Special: Melody – Ivory

NEW Hair: *Exile* Perri – Sear at “The Dressing Room Blue*

Cecilia with [JP]:dsg. and Filthy Skin

NEW Pants: *JP dsg* Banksy Pants comes in different colors

NEW Shirt: *StyleX* MeshSweater Black BadGirl

NEW Skin: *Filthy Skin* Melody Tan 08

NEW Hair: *Raw House* Sonny Dark browns

NEW Glasses: *Redgrave* Eyewear – Zenith v1.0

Shoes: *Ohara* Sneakers Dark Leather

Bracelets: *Fusion* Belted Bracelet

Necklace: *WTG* Galaxy necklace

Tattoo: *Para Designs* Butterfly Swirls Tattoo

Cecilia & EMO-tions Martha

NEW Outfit: *EMO-tions* Martha

NEW Hair: *EMO-tions*  Valentina black

Skin: *Filthy Skin* Vanessa peach 08

Earrings: *Izzies* Onyx Jewelry Set

Cecilia & eXxEeS Redux

NEW Outfit: *eXxEeS* Redux black comes with boots and necklace

NEW Skin: *Carisma Creations* Megan Skin Lip 1

Hair: *Truth* Eloise – crow

Cecilia & Vero Modero NEWS

NEW Outfit: *Vero Modero* Gul Set Floral Blue

NEW: Hair: *Exile* Take it off / Vanilla

Skin: *AMD* Kat – Pale – Nitro 3

Jewelry: *Ear Candy* Falling Flower Set in Gold

NEW Outfit: *Vero Modero* Lale Dress Rebeccah

NEW Hair: *Exile* Rumor has it: Mahogany

Skin: *Filthy Skin* Laika II Bronze 05

Jewelry: *Mandala* Milky Nails&Rings/ Necklace/ Hawthorn red

Cecilia & Armony Rig 36 Bianca

NEW Outfit: *Armony* Rig 36 Bianca

Hair: *Exile* Colette Naturals – Roots Sunset

Skin: *Filthy Skin* Laika II Bronze 05

NEW Necklace: *Addiction* Tranquility Necklace

Nails: *Mandala* Milky Nails&Rings/ Hawthorn red

NEW Glasses: *JP dsg.* Shades-Clubmaster Mesh

Cecilia with Lapointe & Bastchild

NEW Outfit: *Lapointe & Bastchild* Swear “DJ Royale”Outfit (Jacket, Pants, Shirt)

Limited Time, Marketplace only offer for 299L$

Shoes: *Redgrave* Bonnie-Boo NightSilver

Skin: *Belleza* Elle BR Med (cleavage)

Hair: *RAW House* Willow Redux (blacks)

Necklace: *Lapointe & Bastchild* C (W) “Pearl Fleur” Braid Necklace

Nails&Rings: *WTG* Galaxy-f nail

Cecilia with Moonshadow & EMO-tions

Outfit: *eXxEsS* Magik black

NEW Eyeshadow & Eyelashes: *Moonshadow* Mermaid

NEW Necklace & Earrings: *Moonshadow* Cancun set

NEW Hair: *EMO-tions* Aquaria / black Coming out on saturday 17th of March!

NEW Skin: *Shine* Lena Natural / Pale / C1

NEW Eyes: *Mayfly* Deep Sky Eyes Sapphire

Cecilia with *EMO-tions* Hera & *Akeruka Skin* at Fashion for Life 2012

NEW Outfit: *EMO-tions* Hera at *Fashion for Life 2012* – Its’s Time…” (March 10th-20th 2012) comes with earrings and necklace

NEW Skin: *Akeruka* Meg tan MK cleavage at *Fashion for Life 2012*

NEW Eyes: *Mayfly* Deep Sky Eyes (Sapphire, w3, Mesh eyes)

Hair: *Truth* Fearne 2 – espresso

Cecilia & *Jada Humby Couture* Yara

NEW Outfit: *Jada Humby Couture* Yara Toffee

Leggings: *Sheer* Leggings 11: Vines Black

Skin: *Izzies’s* Bonita Skin sk LB freckles CL

Hair: *Truth* Piper – coffee

Earrings: *Amarelo Manga* Africa Gold Feathers

Shoes: *Vero Modero* Seductive Boots Brown


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