Cecilia & Vero Modero

NEW Outfit: *Vero Modero*Loose Mesh Sweater Lady 1

Shoes: *Vero Modero* Seductive Boots Brown

NEW Earrings: Feather Earrings amber (Gift!) available at *Izzie’s satellite store location at the NYC Sim*

Hair: *Damselfly* Morrisania Brown Driftwood

Bag: *Amarelo Manga* Crocodile Travel Bag – nude

NEW Outfit: *Vero Modero* Loose Mesh Sweater Flower


Cecilia & Vero Modero

NEW Outfit: *Vero Modero* Leylak Dress Soft Blue

Hair: *D!va* Hair Sayaka 2 Black Amber at *Collabor88*

NEW Necklace & Earrings: *Addiction Jewelry* SerenitySet with Pearls

Cecilia & Vero Modero NEWS

NEW Outfit: *Vero Modero* Gul Set Floral Blue

NEW: Hair: *Exile* Take it off / Vanilla

Skin: *AMD* Kat – Pale – Nitro 3

Jewelry: *Ear Candy* Falling Flower Set in Gold

NEW Outfit: *Vero Modero* Lale Dress Rebeccah

NEW Hair: *Exile* Rumor has it: Mahogany

Skin: *Filthy Skin* Laika II Bronze 05

Jewelry: *Mandala* Milky Nails&Rings/ Necklace/ Hawthorn red

Cecilia & *Jada Humby Couture* Yara

NEW Outfit: *Jada Humby Couture* Yara Toffee

Leggings: *Sheer* Leggings 11: Vines Black

Skin: *Izzies’s* Bonita Skin sk LB freckles CL

Hair: *Truth* Piper – coffee

Earrings: *Amarelo Manga* Africa Gold Feathers

Shoes: *Vero Modero* Seductive Boots Brown


Cecilia with League and Illusory Skin

NEW Outfit: *League* Organic Silk Dress& Top – Mint (88L$) at *Collabor88*

NEW Skin: *Illusory Skin* Love Caramel – Organic (88L$) at *Collabor88*

Hair: *Damselfly* Calliope Brown Driftwood

Necklace & Earrings: *Miel* Lun Set

Shoes: *Vero Modero* Seductive Boots Brown

Cecilia with Vero Modero and Filthy Skin

NEW Outfit: *Vero Modero* Sandalwood Mine Set

Shoes: *Pixelfashion* Lili Boot’s Black (both pics)

Necklace & Earrings: *ByKay* Kalya Dark Blue Set

NEW Skin: *Filthy Skin* Vanessa peach 02 (pic 1) 05 (pic 2)

Hair: *Truth* Delia – dark browns – chocolate (both pics)

NEW Outfit: *Vero Modero* Karo Sets

Necklace: *Miel* Uva Set

Cecilia & NEW Vero Modero Muge Sweater

NEW Outfit: *Vero Modero* Muge Sweater Brick

NEW Outfit: *Vero Modero* Muge Sweater Cyan

NEW Outfit: *Vero Modero* Muge Sweater Brown

All pics:

Shoes: *WOot* Wedge Boots

NEW Skin: *Filthy Skin* Cream Cleavage December Groupgift!

NEW Hair: *Pomme d’ Amour* Ballet Hair / Truffle

Necklace: *Glow Studio* Time Goes By Necklace

NEW Earrings: *Addiction Jewelry* Melody Diamond Earrings

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