Cecilia and NEW Adiva & Filthy Skins

NEW Outfit: *Adiva*  Pretty In Pink Lace Satin Mix Dress (pic: Blue, Pink, SilverWhite, you can get the color Cherry also in the store) comes with two necklaces, fishnet torn stockings and gloves.

Shoes: *Miamai* DecO Rumba Fly

NEW Skin: *Filthy Skins* Alexandra Bronze 02 with Cleav. Bronze

Hair: *Truth*Anise –  chocolate

NEW Earrings: *Finesmith Jewelry Designs* Neta Earring Onyx

Nails: *Finesmith Jewelry Designs* Rave Pink

NEW Outfit: *Adiva* Gossip Girl Leather Dress Ruby comes with necklace, earrings and bracelets

Shoes: *Stiletto Moody BARE* Lana red

NEW Skin: *Filthy Skins* Alexandra Bronze 08 + Cleav. Bronze

Hair: *Truth* Diana -Streaked – chocolate

Nails: *Je suis* Naive Nails No. 001 Reds

Cecilia ft. New Filthy Skin & Addiction Jewelry

Shirt: *Maitreya* Boyfriend Shirt – White

Pants: *Adiva* Gelato Short Jeans

Shoes: *ADDiCTIA* Tropica Flip Flops – Tiki Vanilla Mocha

NEW Necklace & Earrings: *Addiction Jewelry* Charming Life Blue Ice Set

NEW Skin: *Filthy Skin* Jolie Bronze 05 + Cleav.

Hair: *Truth* Alannah – chocolate

Cecilia & Gabriel

NEW Outfit: *Gabriel* Military Dress (olive)

NEW Shoes: *Gabriel* Gladiator Sandals Brown (Groupgift!)  Hurry up an get it!

Necklace: *Adiva* Chipie Gold Nugget Necklace (older Groupgift)

Bracelets: *Gems&Kisses* Life – Gold – Bracelet

Nails: *Je suis* Naive Nails No. 001 Browns

Skin: *YS&YS* Penelope Skin – Sunburn with TanLine

Hair: *Truth* Gretel – chocolate

Cecilias Style of District & Y&R

Uhhhh… Zone 30? Does it mean how fast you have to drive or is it telling your age? If it’s your age you don’t need to look “old”. 😉 We are sexy as hell although we have already some folds, hanging body parts and a few grey hairs. Hope you like this style!

NEW Pants: *District* Denzal Jeans/Dark Wash and Dark Wash/Ripped

NEW Shirt: *Y&R* Lace Blouse black & white

Shoes: *YS&YS* FeelFree Wrap shoes

Belt: *Emo-tions* a part of the outfit Feel *high skirt black

Bracelet: *!Right* a part of the outfit Tragedy black

Earrings: *[Glow] studio* Black Friday

Necklace: *Adiva* part of the outfit Isabella Lace Brocade Low Waist

NEW Skin: *JeSyLiLO* Gsp *TanSkin* (shiny)

Hair: *99 Elephants* Vicky -blacks -b1

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