Cecilia & JP Design

NEW Hoodie: *JP Design* Hoodie-Dissident comes in different colors

NEW Pants:*JP Design* Sweat Pants comes in different colors

Shoes: *Hoorenbeek* Samoa – white/black

NEW Skin: *Filthy Skin* Groupgift May – Jasmine BeachTan 01!

Hair: *Damselfly* Jenesis Brown Driftwood

Cecilia & NEWS of Goth1c0

NEW Outfits: *Goth1c0* Leather pants and tees

Outfit on the left side: Like a prayer tee and Snake leather pants white

Outfit on the right side: Garage built tee and Snake leather pants black

NEW Boots: *Goth1c0* Ankle black boots plain

NEW Earrings: *Finesmith Jewelry Designs* Coral Hoops

Bracelet: *JD Designs* INKA red

Tattoo: *v3 Tattoo* Outlaw (woman)

Hair: *Truth* Tilly streked – chocolate

Skin: *Filthy Skins* Paige Bronze 07

Cecilia & CENSORED / Angel Hair / Graffitiwear

NEW Outfit: *CENSORED* Gaby Swimsuit (yellow, green and pink and blue (in the store))

NEW Shoes: *Graffitiwear* Sea Sandals comes in Blue&Yellow, Brown&Olive, Pink&Green

NEW Necklace: *JD Design* Necklace ALL U NEED

NEW Hair: *Angel Hair* Samantha Brick comes with hat

Bag: *Les Petits Details* Flowers Bag

Tattoo: *Ohara* Butterfly Tattoo part of the pants One Leg Jeans – Creamy Lace

Skin: *LAQ* Olivia Nougat 04

Cecilia & Ibizarre Lea Tunic

NEW Outfit: *Ibizarre* Lea Tunic / Mini Dress (kiwi /ocean / pink / orange)

NEW Shoes: *Censored* Monalisa Shoes Black

NEW Necklace & Earrings: *JD Design* Set Round

Skin: *Apple May Designs* Gaia Tan Seduce 1

Hair: *Truth* Kami – chocolate